Latteria Italiana inspiration comes from the way
the typical latteria was since the early 1950’s in Italy…

Awakening with the fragrance of roasted Italian espresso with a slice of Paradiso cake, children use to buy delicious gelato, candy, biscuits, and jams as well as young ladies buying pasta, bread and sauces to prepare heart-filled dinners for their families. During afternoon it was a parlor where men would catch up and talk lazily around their day at work eating gelato or having a lunch break with a mozzarella and ham piadina or drinking milk: in Italy these were incredibly precious goods during postwar days.

Mums use to write their shopping lists on a piece of paper for their kids running happily to the store. The children enjoyed spending mums change on candies and a glass of fresh milk to cheer them up!

The feeling was of a friendly and very simple spot, a point of aggregation where anybody could stop by and relax for a while.

Latteria Italiana will recall of those days of fresh and simple feelings through our artisanal gelato surrounded by typical Italian deli to let everybody taste a little bit of Italian passion.